UAW Local 977


*Face Mask and Social Distancing in effect due to COVID-19 at Union Hall.

**The Election Committee conducted Election.

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 ELECTION of OFFICERS was held July 9, 2020, 5:30am-5:30pm at Union Hall.


**The Election Committe conducted the Election.


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 Run-off Election:

All ACTIVE/RETIRED  Members in good standing may Vote for Vice President.

G.M. Unit ACTIVE Members in good standing may Vote for G.M. Unit Shop Chairman.

Must show Picture I.D. to Vote.

CDC Guidellines in effect at the Union Hall: Social Distancing and wearing of Face Mask.

Election will be conducted by UAW Local 977 Election Committee.

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 The following  Members have ACCEPTED Nomination for UAW Local 977 Election Committee, 2020-2023:

 Two Winners have been selected for the 2020 UAW Local 977 Chester A. Ward Scholarships.  Each will receive a $2,000.00 Scholarship to the College/University or School of their choice, that will be paid over a four year period.  

 Due to ongoing concerns of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Members will need to wear a Face Mask at the Union Hall and practice Social Distancing while attending General Membership Meetings.

 UAW Local 977 RETIREE MEETINGS are Canceled due to Covid-19 Pandemic, until further notice.

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