UAW Local 977

Authorization for Assignment & Check-Off of Contributions to UAW V-CAP

If you are an active UAW member and would like to make voluntary contributions to UAW V-CAP via payroll deduction/Check-Off you can do so easily:

First, make sure your collective bargaining agreement contains a Check-Off provision. Check with your Steward or Committee-person if you are unsure.

Next download and print the attached form, complete and sign it.

Give the card to the V-CAP volunteer at your worksite, or to your Chairman or Local Union President. He/she will get it into the right hands to begin your voluntary CAP contributions V-CAP.

Thank you!

****UAW V-CAP is an independent political committee created by the UAW. This committee does not ask for or accept authorization from any candidate and no candidate is responsible for its activities.

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