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Columbus - State Senator Lou Gentile (D-Steubenville) today voiced his strong opposition to anti-worker legislation that two Republican Representatives have introduced in the Ohio General Assembly.

"I am opposed to the anti-worker legislation that has been introduced in the Ohio House," stated Gentile. “This is a direct attack on workers and their families in the state of Ohio.”

Representatives Ron Maag (R- Lebanon) and Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) have introduced companion bills that aim to strip fair share payments to unions for representation and other benefits. Under current law workers have the right to turn down union membership but are required to make fair-share payments for representation that is provided by the union.

“This legislation would result in lower wages, diminished benefits and unsafe working conditions for all workers,” said Senator Gentile. “The Ohio Legislature should be focused on ways to improve our economy not weaken it.”

In addition to the two so-called "Right to Work" bills that have been introduced, a resolution has also been put forward that would take the measure to the ballot to allow voters to decide. In 2011 voters overwhelmingly rejected SB 5, a bill that would have eliminated collective bargaining for Public Employees.

We have already had this debate in the state of Ohio and the voters delivered a clear message that they support the rights of workers to bargain for fair wages, good benefits and safe working conditions,” added Senator Gentile. “The legislature should respect the wishes of the people they represent."

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