UAW Local 977

Local 977, UAW Amalgamated

Local 977, U.A.W. was chartered by the International Union, May 1, 1957 for the General Motors workers at the Marion, Indiana Plant.  Since it's beginning, the General Motors workers build dies and stamp parts for many products in the General Motors line of products.  The General Motors Unit currently has 357 Skilled Trades members and 615 Production members,  16 members laid off, Total of 1,040.

August 11, 2008, the International Executive Board granted Amalgamated status to Local 977, UAW.  Our Caravan workers perform janitorial and machine cleaner jobs in the General Motors Plant, Marion, Indiana.  The Caravan Unit currently has 41 full time members and 17 part-time members working on the Janitorial side, and 32 Building Maintenance amking 99 total in the Unit.

December 6, 2011, the International Executive Board voted to approve the transfer of Local 2371, U.A.W. into Local 977, U.A.W. ,  Trans Industries Unit.  Trans Industries closed 11/2015.




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