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Member's Editorial Exposes So-Called Right to Work: The Planned Demise of Unions

Recently an Ohio GOP State Representative wrote a letter to his fellow representatives asking for co-sponsors for a private sector Right-To-Work bill he plans to introduce.

In a nutshell, what this legislation will do is force Unions to perform services which include grievance and arbitration representation and contract negotiations, for free, for those unwilling to pay their fair share for these services. Indentured servitude and slavery were outlawed by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

RTW legislation would force unions to do something that is banned by the U.S. Constitution and that no other organization must do. If a person wants to take advantage of what the Elks, the Eagles, the Moose Lodge or the local Chamber of Commerce have available to them, they must pay money in the form of dues to these organizations in order to be members. Under RTW, even though a company has accepted a labor union as a bargaining agent for their employees, unions would be forced to represent employees who don’t pay dues for their services.

Employment / Membership is voluntary either with a company or as a member of a fraternal organization. No one is forcing a person to take employment with a company where they would be a member of a labor union or forcing them to be a member of a fraternal organization. The difference is that union representatives would be obligated, by law, to represent employees who freeload on the backs of other union members who do pay their fair share for representation. Not paying dues to a fraternal organization would disallow them as members of that group.

The Chamber of Commerce was mentioned above for a reason. The Chamber and other business organizations would love to see Ohio be the next Right To Work State. They use Orwellian names for RTW such as Workplace Freedom or Employee Rights, but RTW gives an employee neither rights nor a guarantee of employment. All these other names for RTW do is misinform the public on the real reason for such laws – the planned demise of unions.

If none of the information above has raised your concern about so-called Right To Work Laws, then think about this. When was the last time that any company or business organization was willing to spend millions of dollars to get a law passed that would give you more rights on your job?

Larry Donaldson, Elida.


An excerpt from this letter by Larry Donaldson, retired member and former President of Local Union 2147, was published in the Lima News

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