UAW Local 977


To all UAW Region 2B Retiree Chapters,

Our Council bylaws state the following:

Article II, Section 2

Each established UAW retired workers chapter within the geographic jurisdiction of UAW Region 2B shall designate the top four (4) chapter executive board members as delegates for representation to the Region 2B Retired Workers Council.

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The bylaws of the Region 2B Retired Workers Council have been approved and are now available online. Download them here.

Executive Board Members:

Find the links to Region 2-B Retired Worker websites here.

Retired and just realized you forgot to sign a Retiree Voluntary Dues Check-Off card on your way out of the plant?

It's not too late...

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Link to International's UAW Retiree page 

 Region 2-B Retiree Executive Board Officers


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